Falkland Islands Meat Company
Falkland Islands Meat Company

Christopher (Critta) and Myles LeePort Howard Farm

Brothers Critta and Myles Lee own and run Port Howard Farm on West Falkland.

Port Howard was founded in 1866 and in 1986, it was bought by Robin and Rodney Lee, who let the local population buy shares. In 2004 the farm was taken over by Myles and Christopher (Critta) Lee, Robin's sons, after the retirement of Rodney Lee. Port Howard is the largest privately owned farm on West Falkland with a permanent population of about 30. Most of the people are employed by Port Howard Farm which runs 40,000 sheep and 270 cattle on over 90,000 hectares. Over the years, Port Howard has in many ways led farming in the Falklands with one of the most notable things being the fields surrounding the settlement which had been ploughed using horses.

The introduction of machinery and at times different breeds of animals had been led by the farm and in more modern times a lot of tree planting had taken place to provide shelter belts. 

The previous owner Rodney Lee had been a leader in pushing forward the Wool and Meat Companies which are now of benefit to all farms.