Gilberto Castro and Suzi ClarkeFitzroy Farm

A Falkland Landholdings Corporation (FLH) farm, Fitzroy Farm is managed by Gilberto Castro who moved from Chile to the Falkland Islands, now a naturalised islander he lives here with his partner Suzi Clarke and their children.

Initially grazing a broader micron Corriedale type sheep, improved genetics has taken the farm more towards the Polwarth and poll merino breeds of sheep. FLH currently utilises poll merino semen from Australia and whilst improving wool quantity and quality is a key objective, breeding a robust animal with improved meat characteristics is also vital. FLH supplies both yearling lamb and mutton to the Falkland Islands Meat Company.
The topography of the farmland is very flat with the 'higher quality' grazing areas tending to be on the coast where the livestock can access the coastline and graze the seaweeds. Areas of grass species benefit from the 'nutrient transfer' supplied by the penguin colonies. Managing farming with the environment is important to the corporation. The farm rotation-ally grazes its livestock, has a very low chemical usage and obtains most of its electricity from wind power.