Why Choose
Falkland Islands
Lamb & Beef?

Our pristine, wide-open pastures are some of the most natural in the world, our livestock are pasture-fed and naturally raised, living free-range on our vast white grass and native coastal greens year round giving our meat a unique and tender internationally sought-after flavour.

In our close-knit community we work together with our local farm industry, we are all passionate about our way of life, the products we produce and providing the Falklands and the world with high quality, safe, nutritious and great tasting Lamb & Beef.

Meet our Farmers

We are proud to present some of our many producers from around the Falklands, a selection of farms from both the East & West Falklands (the mainland) and offshore island farms

The Plant & Operations

The Falkland Islands Meat Company (FIMCo) was established in 2003 to operate the newly built sheep and beef processing plant (Sand Bay)

Lamb & Mutton

Naturally reared on farms where they are free to grass-graze. Enjoy our full range of premium quality grass-fed lamb or mutton steaks, chops and roasting joints.

Meet The Team

Our management team works hard to ensure that everything we do as an organisation is in the best interests of the farmers we represent


We are pleased to present a selection of recipes developed by the Waterfront Kitchen Café, with a variety of easy and delicious ways to cook our Lamb or Beef


FIMCo has been producing Halal certified sheep & lamb for export since 2013. It's Falkland Islands Government Veterinary Service & Company policy that 100% of the animals are stunned prior to slaughter and protocols are in place to ensure compliance.